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Health CareVeterans and Active Military Personnel
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Roll Call 114. (H.R. 2055) On a motion to table (kill) an amendment that would have required veterans receiving disability payments for illnesses associated with Agent Orange to prove that Agent Orange was the cause of their medical condition Jul 20, 2011. Y Y W
Roll Call 110. (H.R. 2055) Legislation that would provide annual funding for veterans’ programs and military base construction in fiscal year 2012 – On the motion to end debate on the bill Jul 14, 2011. Y Y W
All votes listed below this point were cast while this member served in the House of Representatives prior to becoming a senator. These House votes are not included in our calculation of either the member's Crucial Lifetime Progressive score or Overall Lifetime Progressive score in this category; those scores are based only on the votes the member has taken while serving in the Senate.
Roll Call 210. H. Con. Res. 99 (Fiscal 2008 Budget Resolution), Woolsey of California substitute amendment offering an alternative budget resolution authored by the Congressional Progressive Caucus/On agreeing to the amendment Mar 29, 2007. N Y L
Roll Call 204. H. Res. 274, providing for the consideration of H.R. 1538 (Wounded Warrior Assistance Act)/On agreeing to the resolution Mar 28, 2007. Y Y W