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Corporate SubsidiesBanks/Credit Card Companies
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Progressive Result
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Roll Call 113. (S. 2343) On passage of a bill to prevent the interest rate on student loans from doubling May 24, 2012. Y Y L
Roll Call 89. (S. 2343) On a procedural motion to clear the way for a separate vote on whether the Senate should consider legislation preventing student loan interest rates from doubling May 08, 2012. Y Y L
Roll Call 76. (H.R. 4872) On a motion to table (kill) an amendment requiring the Secretary of Education to certify that no state would experience a net job loss as a result of students receiving loans directly from the federal government Mar 24, 2010. Y Y W
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Roll Call 31. College Student Relief Act (H.R. 5)/Motion to recommit with instructions to apply the subsidized interest rate reductions only to graduates earning less than $65,000 annually and to active-duty military personnel Jan 17, 2007. N N W
Roll Call 30. Outlining rules for debate (H. Res. 65) on the College Student Relief Act (H.R. 5)/On adoption of the resolution Jan 17, 2007. Y Y W
Roll Call 29. Outlining rules for debate (H. Res. 65) on the College Student Relief Act (H.R. 5)/Ordering the previous question (end debate and possibility of amendment) Jan 17, 2007. Y Y W