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Justice for All: Civil and CriminalAssisting Crime Impacted Communities
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Progressive Result
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Roll Call 177. (S. 1723) Legislation that would have provided $35 billion to state governments to prevent layoffs of firefighters, teachers, and police officers -- On ending debate on the motion to bring up the bill Oct 20, 2011. Y Y L
Roll Call 96. (S. 679) On an amendment that would have required the Director of the Bureau of Justice Statistics to be confirmed by the U.S. Senate Jun 23, 2011. N N W
All votes listed below this point were cast while this member served in the House of Representatives prior to becoming a senator. These House votes are not included in our calculation of either the member's Crucial Lifetime Progressive score or Overall Lifetime Progressive score in this category; those scores are based only on the votes the member has taken while serving in the Senate.
Roll Call 340. Fiscal 2008 Intelligence Authorization (H.R. 2082)/Motion to recommit with instructions to increase the CIA's human intelligence budget by $23 million, offset by an equal cut for the National Drug Intelligence Center May 10, 2007. N N W
Roll Call 134. H.R. 720 (Water Quality Financing Act)/On motion to recommit with instructions to include an amendment barring certain felons from boarding ships with a transportation-worker identification card Mar 09, 2007. Y N L