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Roll Call 9. (S. 1) On an amendment to give power plants an exemption from the Clean Air Act to burn coal waste that remained after previous mining activities Jan 21, 2015. N N W
Roll Call 139. (S.J.Res. 37) On a motion to bring up for consideration legislation overriding new Obama Administration regulations that require coal-fired power plants to cut back on their emissions of toxic pollutants such as mercury Jun 20, 2012. N N W
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Roll Call 256. Providing new grant programs for early-career scientists and engineers (H.R. 363)/Motion to recommit with instructions to add language giving priority to grants to expand domestic energy production and coal-to-liquid technology Apr 24, 2007. N N L
Roll Call 91. Advanced Fuels Research and Development Act (H.R. 547)/Motion to recommit to the Science and Technology Committee with instructions to add coal-based liquids to a list of "alternative fuels" promoted in the underlying legislation Feb 08, 2007. N N W