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Roll Call 148. (H.R. 2832) On an amendment that would have required President Obama to sell 66 F-16 fighter jets to Taiwan Sep 22, 2011. N N W
Roll Call 235. S 1390. (Fiscal 2010 Defense authorization) Levin of Michigan amendment that would strike $1.75 billion to purchase seven more F-22 aircraft/On agreeing to the amendment Jul 21, 2009. Y Y W
Roll Call 129. S Con Res 13. (Fiscal 2010 budget resolution) McCain of Arizona amendment that would provide for increased defense and veterans spending, extend expiring Bush-era tax cuts, overhaul the tax code and create a commission to retool Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security/On agreeing to the amendment Apr 02, 2009. N N W
Roll Call 86. S Con Res 21. (Fiscal 2008 budget resolution). Ensign of Nevada amendment that would protect defense spending from being redirected/On agreeing to the amendment Mar 21, 2007. N N W
Roll Call 96. HR 1268. Fiscal 2005 Supplemental Appropriations/ Vote to Express the Sense of the Senate that the Bush Administration Should Draft Budgets for Overseas Military Operations and Provide Cost Estimates to Congress Rather Than Rely on the Truncated Emergency Supplemental Spending Process. Apr 18, 2005. Y Y W
Roll Call 288. H.R. 2658. Fiscal 2004 Defense Appropriations/Procedural Vote to Defeat an Amendment to Redirect $1.1 Billion to Help Fight AIDS Pandemic. Jul 17, 2003. N N L
Roll Call 116. S 762. Fiscal 2003 War Supplemental/Vote to Table (Kill) and Amendment to Provide Equipment to the National Guard and Reserves On Par with Equipment Afforded to Full-Time Soldiers. Apr 02, 2003. N N L
Roll Call 68. S. Con. Res. 23. Fiscal 2004 Budget Resolution/Vote to Reduce the Amount of Tax Cuts Contained in the Bill In Order to Increase Funding for Homeland Security and Defense Needs. Mar 21, 2003. Y Y L
Roll Call 159. S 2514. Defense Authorization/Vote to Insure that Military Spending Remains Below Congressionally-Determined Budget Caps. Jun 20, 2002. Y Y L