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Aid to Less Advantaged People, at Home & AbroadThe Disabled
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Roll Call 73. (S. 1789) On an amendment to prevent a reduction in benefits for federal workers who are injured on the job Apr 24, 2012. Y Y L
Roll Call 59. (H. Con. Res. 35) Final passage of legislation effectively defunding the landmark 2010 health care reform law that expanded health insurance coverage to 31 million previously uninsured Americans, and prohibited insurance companies from denying coverage to individuals with pre-existing medical conditions Apr 14, 2011. N N W
Roll Call 77. (H.R. 4872) On a motion allowing a vote on passage of an amendment to eliminate a provision in health care reform legislation creating an insurance program covering long-term care (such as nursing home care) for the elderly and the disabled, by waiving the Senate’s budget rules. Mar 24, 2010. N N W
Roll Call 36. HR 4213. (Extending expiring programs, including those to help the unemployed and other items) Motion to allow an amendment that would provide $250 to certain Social Security recipients/On the motion Mar 03, 2010. Y Y L
Roll Call 360. HR 3590. (Health care overhaul) Thune of South Dakota amendment that would have prohibited establishing a new voluntary insurance program for people with functional limitations/On agreeing to the amendment Dec 04, 2009. N N W
All votes listed below this point were cast while this member served in the House of Representatives prior to becoming a senator. These House votes are not included in our calculation of either the member's Crucial Lifetime Progressive score or Overall Lifetime Progressive score in this category; those scores are based only on the votes the member has taken while serving in the Senate.
Roll Call 210. H. Con. Res. 99 (Fiscal 2008 Budget Resolution), Woolsey of California substitute amendment offering an alternative budget resolution authored by the Congressional Progressive Caucus/On agreeing to the amendment Mar 29, 2007. N Y L