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Roll Call 193. HR 4213. (Extending expiring programs) On preserving a Republican substitute for a bill that would extend unemployment insurance benefits, several expired tax provisions, and other items/On the motion Jun 17, 2010. N N W
Roll Call 93. (H.R. 4872) On a motion allowing a vote on passage of an amendment that would have prohibited lawsuits against doctors if those lawsuits concern medical services provided for free, by waiving the Senate’s budget rules. Mar 25, 2010. N N W
Roll Call 366. HR 3590. (Health care overhaul) Ensign amendment that would limit attorney fees in medical malpractice suits/On agreeing to the amendment Dec 06, 2009. N N W
Roll Call 66. A procedural vote on a Republican petition to end a Democratic filibuster - extended debate -- on S. 2207, the "Pregnancy and Trauma Care Access Protection Act," a Republican-backed medical liability reform bill that would impose a $250,000 cap on pain and suffering damages tagged to medical negligence. Apr 07, 2004. N N W
Roll Call 264. S. 11. Caps on Medical Malpractice Awards/Vote on Cloture to Shut Off Debate and Schedule a Vote on a Bill to Restrict Patients' Rights By Limiting Damages in Medical Malpractice Lawsuits. Jul 09, 2003. N N W
Roll Call 197. S 812. Prescription Drugs/Vote to Restrict Patients' Abilities to Bring Medical Malpractice Lawsuits Against Negligent Doctors. Jul 30, 2002. Y Y W