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Roll Call 115. (S. 3220) On a procedural motion to clear the way for a separate vote on whether the Senate should consider legislation aimed at reducing the pay gap between men and women Jun 05, 2012. Y Y L
Roll Call 85. (S. 1925) On an amendment aimed at reducing the backlog of untested DNA evidence from sexual assault cases, requiring tougher prison sentences for convicted sex criminals, and creating a national DNA database to help track serial sex offenders Apr 26, 2012. N N W
Roll Call 84. (S. 1925) On an amendment aimed at reducing the backlog of untested DNA evidence collected during law enforcement investigations of sexual assault cases Apr 26, 2012. Y Y L
Roll Call 249. S 3772. (Pay discrimination) Motion to begin debating a bill that would require employers to show that any disparity in pay between male and female employees is job-related and not based on gender/On agreeing to the motion Nov 17, 2010. Y Y L
Roll Call 308. HR 3326. (Fiscal 2010 defense spending) Franken of Minnesota amendment that would prohibit money from going to any federal contractor that requires its employees to sign contracts waiving their right to sue the contractor for sexual assault or harassment/On agreeing to the amendment Oct 06, 2009. Y Y W
Roll Call 4. (S.181) Motion to impose cloture (a procedure that prevents a filibuster by limiting the amount of time the Senate can debate a bill), on the debate of the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009 Jan 15, 2009. Y Y W