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Roll Call 28. (S. 1813) On an amendment to expand offshore oil drilling Mar 08, 2012. N N W
Roll Call 52. (Reauthorizing the Federal Aviation Administration) Motion to preserve an amendment that would make it easier to apply for funding under the Coastal Impact Assistance Program/On the motion Mar 16, 2010. N N W
Roll Call 56. S Con Res 70. (Fiscal 2009 budget resolution) Alexander of Tennessee amendment that would allow drilling for natural gas off the coast of Virginia/On agreeing to the amendment Mar 13, 2008. N N W
Roll Call 55. S Con Res 70. (Fiscal 2009 budget resolution) Nelson of Florida amendment to allow for legislation to provide incentives to consumers to use energy efficient items and prohibit certain offshore drilling/On agreeing to the amendment Mar 13, 2008. Y Y W
Roll Call 212. Title: CLEAN Energy Act (H.R. 6), Sen. John Warner (R-Va.) amendment to allow Virigina to petition for the authority to drill for natural gas in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean on the state's coast/On adoption of the amendment Jun 14, 2007. N N W
Roll Call 221. S. 14. Energy Policy/Vote to Protect Environment By Striking From Bill a Study of Potential Off-Shore Drilling Sites. Jun 12, 2003. Y Y L
Roll Call 96. S. Con. Res. 23. Fiscal 2004 Budget Resolution/Vote to Reduce the Amount of Tax Cuts Contained in the Bill In Order to Fund Environmental Cleanup and Conservation Programs. Mar 25, 2003. Y Y L
Roll Call 137. HR 4775. Supplemental Appropriations/Vote to Map (and Thereby Help Safeguard) the Hawaiian Coral Reef. Jun 06, 2002. Y Y W