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Roll Call 59. (H. Con. Res. 35) Final passage of legislation effectively defunding the landmark 2010 health care reform law that expanded health insurance coverage to 31 million previously uninsured Americans, and prohibited insurance companies from denying coverage to individuals with pre-existing medical conditions Apr 14, 2011. N N W
Roll Call 193. HR 4213. (Extending expiring programs) On preserving a Republican substitute for a bill that would extend unemployment insurance benefits, several expired tax provisions, and other items/On the motion Jun 17, 2010. N N W
Roll Call 370. HR 3590. (Health care overhaul) Motion to give all enrollees in Medicare Advantage, an HMO-style plan, extra benefits in the health care overhaul bill given to certain enrollees/On the motion Dec 08, 2009. N N W
Roll Call 366. HR 3590. (Health care overhaul) Ensign amendment that would limit attorney fees in medical malpractice suits/On agreeing to the amendment Dec 06, 2009. N N W
Roll Call 365. HR 3590. (Health care overhaul) Lincoln of Arkansas amendment that would limit annual tax deductions health insurance companies can take for executive salaries to $400,000/On agreeing to the amendment Dec 06, 2009. Y Y L
Roll Call 362. HR 3590. (Health care overhaul) Motion to rewrite a heath care overhaul bill to ensure that payments are not cut to HMO-style Medicare Advantage plans/On the motion Dec 04, 2009. N N W
Roll Call 356. HR 3590. (Health care overhaul) Murkowski of Alaska amendment that would require insurers to consult with professional organizations when deciding when to cover preventative screening for women/On agreeing to the amendment Dec 03, 2009. N N W
Roll Call 355. HR 3590. (Health care overhaul) Mikulski of Maryland amendment that would require health insurance providers to cover preventative care and screening for women/On agreeing to the amendment Dec 03, 2009. Y Y W
Roll Call 353. HR 3590. (Health care overhaul) Motion to begin debate on a bill that would overhaul the health care system/On the motion Nov 21, 2009. Y Y W
Roll Call 24. HR 2. (Children’s health insurance) Coburn of Oklahoma amendment that would require states to pay subsidies to private health insurers if they want to expand State Children’s Health Insurance Program coverage above certain income levels/On agreeing to the amendment Jan 29, 2009. N N W
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Roll Call 675. HR 3043. (Fiscal 2008 Labor-Health-Education spending) Camp of Michigan amendment that would prohibit Medicare and Medicaid from barring enrollment in the Medicare Advantage program/On agreeing to the amendment Jul 19, 2007. N N W