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Justice for All: Civil and CriminalPunishment Fitting the Crime
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Roll Call 109. (S. 3187) On an amendment to penalize pharmaceutical companies that are caught overcharging or engaging in fraud May 24, 2012. Y Y L
Roll Call 173. (H.R. 2112) On an amendment that would have created a commission to study and improve the U.S. criminal justice system (including factors such as incarceration rates, sentencing, etc.) Oct 20, 2011. Y Y L
Roll Call 338. HR 2847. (Fiscal 2010 Commerce-Justice-science spending) Motion to kill an amendment that would prohibit funds from being used to prosecute in federal court anyone linked to the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks/On the motion Nov 05, 2009. Y Y W
Roll Call 283. HR 3288. (Fiscal 2010 transportation and housing spending) Vitter of Louisiana amendment on New Orleans housing restrictions/On agreeing to the amendment Sep 17, 2009. N N W
Roll Call 340. National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal 2008 (H.R. 1585), Sens. Arlen Specter (R-Pa.) and Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) amendment to restore habeas corpus for individuals detained by the United States/Motion to invoke cloture (end debate and put to a vote) Sep 19, 2007. Y Y L
Roll Call 283. HR 1. (Sept. 11 commission recommendations) DeMint of South Carolina motion to insist that convicted felons not be eligible for a new transportation worker identification card/On the motion Jul 26, 2007. N N W
Roll Call 54. Amendment to S. 4 (enacting recommendations of the 9/11 Commission) to specify the criminal offenses that disqualify an applicant from the receipt of a transportation security I.D. Feb 28, 2007. Y Y W
Roll Call 144. Full Senate vote on a Democratic amendment, offered to a bill to authorize Defense Department spending for FY05 (S. 2400), to compel Attorney General John Ashcroft to hand over all documents related to the treatment and interrogation of detainees held in U.S. custody. Jun 23, 2004. Y Y L
Roll Call 118. A vote to table (kill) a Democratic amendment to the fiscal year 2005 Defense Authorization Act (S. 2400) to prohibit the use of private contractors in the interrogation of prisoners and offensive military operations and establish certain restrictions with respect to the transfer of prisoners to contractors and foreign nations. Jun 16, 2004. N N L
Roll Call 279. H.R. 2658. Fiscal 2004 Defense Appropriations/Procedural Vote to Defeat an Amendment Designed to Identify U.S. Military Intentions on the Legal Handling of Detained Individuals. Jul 16, 2003. N N L