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On Agreeing to the Amendment: Amendment 11 to H R 1388
house Roll Call 138     Mar 18, 2009
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Description: This was a vote on an amendment offered by Rep. Titus (D-NV) to the Generations Invigorating Volunteerism and Education Act (“GIVE Act”), which provided federal funds for local community service organizations and volunteer efforts. The amendment added funds to create a new National Service Reserve Corps, to be composed of experienced volunteers who are former members AmeriCorps and volunteer programs. They will be assigned to situations in which their experience will enable them to respond quickly.

Rep. Titus argued on behalf of her amendment that thousands of Americans have volunteered for these organizations in the past and “already have the training that communities need (that) can be deployed quickly and effectively.” She said that this organization will enable these past volunteers “to be identified and called upon in time of natural disasters and emergencies to start the relief and rebuilding process post haste. . . By creating a National Service Reserve Corps, we will create an organized deployment system for those citizens who are ready to serve and are trained to do so.”    

The Republicans had made an unsuccessful effort previously to limit all future funding authorized by the GIVE ACT, but did not relate the increased funding issue to the creation of a National Service Reserve Corps. There was no opposition voiced to this amendment.

Rep.Titus’ amendment passed by a vote of 339-93. Two hundred and fifty-six Democrats and eighty-three Republicans voted “aye”. Ninety-two Republicans and one Democrat voted “nay”. As a result, language providing funds for a National Service Reserve Corps was added to the GIVE Act. 

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