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H. Res. 242. Budget/Procedural Vote to Consider Governing Rule for Debate of Budget.
house Roll Call 146     Apr 28, 2005
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In this vote, the House passed a procedural motion to waive a House procedural rule that ordinarily requires a vote of two-thirds of the House in order to consider a bill's governing rule on the same day the Rules Committee reports it. (A rule sets forth what amendments House members may offer, how much time each side will be permitted to speak, how long the debate can last, etc. The Rules Committee is the body that draws up special rules for consideration of bills. It is weighted in favor of the majority party–currently the Republicans–and often works in conjunction with party leadership in formulating rules. A vote on the rule usually reflects existing support and opposition for the underlying legislation and/or loyalty to one's party.) House Republicans were eager to complete consideration of the conference report (the reconciled version of a bill or resolution that emerges from a conference committee of selected senators and representatives following the passage of different versions of the bill by each body; the report must then be agreed to by both the House and the Senate) on the annual budget resolution so that they could send it to the Senate, where they hoped it would be passed in the same week. Democrats, including Progressives, argued that there was no need to rush consideration of the budget resolution, and that the Republican majority, who had excluded Democrats altogether from the budget conference committee, had not even given Democrats an opportunity to read the budget conference report that they were now being asked to vote on. (Louise Slaughter (D-NY).) Republicans countered that they needed to rush the resolution's consideration on the House floor because the Senate would not be in session the following week and therefore needed to get the resolution from the House right away. (Adam Putnam (R-FL).) Republicans defeated Democrats 230 to 199, along straight party lines, to waive the relevant House rule. Thus, the House proceeded to consider the conference report on the annual U.S. budget resolution without many representatives having had a chance actually to read through it.

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