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2011 House of Representatives
Roll Call 337. (H.R. 1216) On an amendment that would have required the Government Accountability Office (GAO, which conducts studies and investigations on behalf of Congress) to conduct a study on the impact of federal funding for graduate medical education on physician shortages May 24, 2011. Y L
2009 Senate
Roll Call 296. HR 2996. (Fiscal 2010 environment spending) Motion to kill an attempt to strike $4.3 billion in funding in the fiscal 2010 environment and Interior Department spending bill/On the motion Sep 24, 2009. Y W
2005 House of Representatives
Roll Call 190. H. Res. 287. Appropriations/Procedural Vote on Bill Making Appropriations for the Interior Department, the Environmental Protection Agency and Other Agencies for Fiscal Year 2006. May 19, 2005. N L
2004 Senate
Roll Call 52. Vote on passing a Democratic amendment to the fiscal year 2005 budget resolution (S.Con.Res. 95), to create a reserve fund to increase spending on Indian Health Service Clinical Services by $3.44 billion, paid for by reducing tax breaks for individuals with incomes in excess of $1 million per year. Mar 11, 2004. Y L
2003 Senate
Roll Call 219. S. 14. Energy Policy/Vote to Table (Kill) an Amendment Designed to Safeguard Indian Tribes From Environmentally- Damaging Fallout From Energy Projects Undertaken on Indian Lands. Jun 11, 2003. N L
Roll Call 87. S. Con. Res. 23. Fiscal 2004 Budget Resolution/Vote to Reduce the Amount of Tax Cuts Contained in the Bill In Order to Improve Indian Health Services. Mar 25, 2003. Y L
2003 House of Representatives
Roll Call 138. H.R. 6. Energy Plan/Vote to Eliminate Funding for Environmentally-Damaging Methods of Uranium Extraction. Apr 10, 2003. Y L

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