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2009 Senate
Roll Call 89. HR 1105. (Fiscal 2009 spending) Enzi of Wyoming amendment that would prohibit any changes to the formula for how HIV/AIDS funding is distributed/On agreeing to the amendment Mar 09, 2009. N W
2009 House of Representatives
Roll Call 642. (H.R. 3293) On the Souder of Indiana amendment; the amendment would have prohibited any amounts in the bill providing 2010 fiscal year funding for the Department of Health and Human Services to be devoted to hypodermic needles that could conceivably be used by those taking illegal drugs   Jul 24, 2009. N W
2007 Senate
Roll Call 383. HR 3043. (Fiscal 2008 Labor-Health-Education appropriations) Enzi of Wyoming amendment that would prohibit changes to the funding formulas for certain HIV/AIDS programs/On agreeing to the amendment Oct 23, 2007. N L
2007 House of Representatives
Roll Call 649. HR 3043. (Fiscal 2008 Labor, Health, Education spending) Barton of Texas amendment that would change the distribution formula for HIV/AIDS funding/On agreeing to the amendment Jul 18, 2007. N W
2004 House of Representatives
Roll Call 340. A vote on passage of a Republican amendment which would ensure that no money appropriated in FY05 to fund the Commerce, Justice and State departments (H.R. 4754) would be used to promote legalization of prostitution or sex trafficking, and that no funds would be allotted to any group or organization that does not have a policy that is explicitly opposing prostitution and sex trafficking. Jul 08, 2004. N L
2003 Senate
Roll Call 118. S 762. Fiscal 2003 War Supplemental/Vote to Eliminate Funding for Farmers, AIDS Research, and All Other Non- Defense Spending Contained in Bill. Apr 03, 2003. N W
Roll Call 20. H.J. Res 2. Fiscal 2003 Omnibus Appropriations/Vote to Improve Minority Health Services and Increase Funding for HIV/AIDS Prevention and Treatment Programs. Jan 23, 2003. N L

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