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How often did Progressives win? (%) Crucial Votes Overall Votes
All Labor Rights votes 12.06 43.15
Aid to Workers Negatively Impacted Upon by International Trade Agreements (16 votes) 25.00 62.50
General Union Rights (59 votes) 53.33 77.97
Occupational Safety and Health (14 votes) 16.67 57.14
Outsourcing of American Jobs Overseas (33 votes) 9.09 31.25
Pension Protections (26 votes) 0.00 3.85
Preventing Workers' Rights From Being Eroded by International Trade Agreements (46 votes) 0.00 17.78
Rights of Individuals in the Workplace (117 votes) 11.76 50.00
Rights of Public Employees (124 votes) 10.71 37.29

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