What: All Issues : Making Government Work for Everyone, Not Just the Rich or Powerful : Protecting Rights of Congressional Minorities : H.R. 27. Jobs/Vote on Passage of Bill to Reauthorize Federal Job-Training Programs. (2005 house Roll Call 48)
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H.R. 27. Jobs/Vote on Passage of Bill to Reauthorize Federal Job-Training Programs.
house Roll Call 48     Mar 02, 2005
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In this vote, the House passed H.R. 27, a bill to reauthorize federal job-training programs. Most Democrats, including Progressives, opposed the bill because it would "block-grant" numerous job-training programs for veterans, the disabled, youth and others (eliminate and send funds previously authorized under the programs to the states to be used in a discretionary manner). In addition, Progressives contended that the bill would authorize religious institutions to receive federal job-training funds while permitting them to discriminate in their hiring on the basis of religion, which they claimed could lead to federally prohibited discrimination on other grounds such as race or gender. Republicans countered that the job-training bill would make the Workforce Investment Act more efficient and more relevant to the skills needed for employment in the 21st century. (The Workforce Investment Act is a law passed in 1998 to create federal programs to provide veterans, migrant workers, youth and others with the skills they need to find jobs.) They further argued that the bill actually eliminated religious discrimination by putting religious organizations on the same level as other groups with respect to being permitted to apply for and receive federal funding. Progressives were defeated by a vote of 224 to 200; thus, the House sent to the Senate a bill to reauthorize federal job-training programs that would eliminate many of those programs and that would permit religious organizations to receive federal funding while discriminating on the basis of religion in their hiring processes.

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