What: All Issues : Family Planning : Availability of Contraceptives
 Who: All Members : New York, District 2 : King, Pete

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Family PlanningAvailability of Contraceptives
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Roll Call 445. (H.R. 2112) On an amendment that would prohibit funds provided by an agriculture bill from being used for mifepristone, or “RU-486,” a pill that can terminate a pregnancy during the first two months following conception Jun 16, 2011. Y N L
Roll Call 271. (H. Con. Res. 36) Passage of legislation that would effectively eliminate all federal funding for Planned Parenthood, which provides a wide array of health services for women, including breast cancer screenings, pap smears, and abortions. Apr 14, 2011. Y N L
Roll Call 93. (H.R. 1) On an amendment prohibiting Planned Parenthood from receiving federal funds.Planned Parenthood provides a number of reproductive and child health services. Abortions are among the services that Planned Parenthood offers. Feb 18, 2011. Y N L
Roll Call 643. (H.R. 3293) On the Pence of Indiana amendment, which would have prohibited any family planning and preventive health services funds from being awarded to the Planned Parenthood organization   Jul 24, 2009. Y N W
Roll Call 684. HR 3043. (Fiscal 2008 Labor-Health-Education spending) Pence of Indiana amendment that would prohibit funding from going toward Planned Parenthood/On agreeing to the amendment Jul 19, 2007. Y N W
Roll Call 362. H.R. 1950. State Department Authorization/Vote to Deny U.S. Aid to an International Family Planning and Health Organization. Jul 15, 2003. Y N L
Roll Call 157. H.R. 1298. Global AIDS Relief/Vote to Require One-Third of AIDS Relief Funding Be Used for Abstinence Programs. May 01, 2003. N N L
Roll Call 156. H.R. 1298. Global AIDS Relief/Vote to Reduce Funding for Global AIDS Relief Efforts. May 01, 2003. N N W